Why You Have To Master Your Mind In Order To Master Your Life.

I just finished reading the book “Outwitting The Devil” by Napoleon Hill and I think that the book really unlocked some keys to a successful path in my life. It is a great book! It actually was so mind boggling that I had to read it twice. The book is actually giving you an insight on all the devil’s insights and tricks to keep you from being successful in life and getting ahead. It shares so many valuable nuggets that you cannot deny how useful this book is to getting you to see how/why things have or are going the way that they are in your life.

The enemy is far more smarter than we give him credit for. Basically in the simplest form if you do not have control of your mind you do not have control over your life. What the devil calls us who cannot keep focus is “drifters”. He uses every tactic he can to get you while you are young. The younger you are he says the longer and easier if will be to keep you. Whether it be from your parents, school, or spiritual leaders. He uses these people as he wants to keep you from being able to think for yourself.

All of those roles I just mentioned above are people who taught us and probably played huge roles in our upbringings. This be why the enemy uses these strategies against us because though all these people think they are of service and helping us they are really training us up through dependency. Depending on those with authority to think for us instead of doing for ourselves. This results in a dependency when we get older. Instead of when we were a kid learning and wanting to do things on our own we become adults in the classrooms, churches, and in the real world expecting these same people and/or other people to think for us. Which is why it is so easy for the devil to have so many people on his side because a lot of his people have grown too lazy to think for themselves and would rather agree with any idea than no idea at all.

When you have the ability to think for yourself it’s much harder to be moved or persuaded with falsified information or beliefs because you have the ability to think your way out. By having the ability to think your way out of things for yourself, allows you to not drift and be distracted by the many other things he chooses to use against you to gain you. Whether it be sex, food, or money. He will try everything in his power to get you to become a drifter. Once you become a drifter you’re no longer able to keep focus and have self control. So every time you think that you are about to accomplish something, right when it’s at your finger tips he snatches it from you. Making you want to quit or while he offers you something else that’s your weakness to keep you from outwitting his tactics. I think the book is so much more than I am able to convey. Have you ever felt as though ever time you try to start something or do right in life something always comes into your life and distracts you before you can complete anything? Or feel as though you just keep experiencing the same exact setbacks or failures over and over again? Then you definitely should read “Outwitting The Devil”.


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