I never knew that I was loved instead of raised until now.

There’s a difference between being loved until you were 18 and being raised until you were 18. A lot starts from within our homes. If we be honest a lot of us were loved but not raised. It is not the same. And a lot of us are in a deepened struggle today because we’ve experienced deep affection all our lives like love, but we never were exposed to being elevated or raised to a higher level or more intense way of living. That’s what being raised consist of. I can love you but still keep you in the same place for 100 years. But by guiding you and raising you you have no choice but to choose different and be elevated to a higher position in life. Once we understand that love requires more than just clothes on our backs, and food on the table, and a roof over our heads and start to do more raising & constructing then maybe as a result we will see more children able to be grown adults and not still kids in an adult body and more children able to grow and take care of their families and parents when they get older like it’s supposed to be.


11 thoughts on “I never knew that I was loved instead of raised until now.

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  1. Very informative , I actually had the opposite I was raised but wasn’t loved. So this kind of hit home for me. But I love it.


  2. My grandmother used to say, “You’re not done with your raisin’ ’til you raised your own.” Your post seems to put that in major context.


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