At some point or another in our day to day lives we’ve all reached a point where we just didn’t feel as though we were heard. I can remember it like it was yesterday telling my mother how bad my menstrual cycle was hurting me and her response was, “You’ll be ok.” And in fact I would, but in that moment I just didn’t feel as though I was and a huge part of that was not feeling that she really in truly heard my cry. The cry that said my tummy needed to be rubbed. Or maybe I just needed a little time and attention to know that my cry mattered. I believe all across the world we have all ran into these types of experiences whether it be the one that I had experienced or not, we’re all just on the discovery to be heard. Whether we recognize it or not, we all are on the hunt to find what understands what we already feel in dept of our Inner self. Whether we’re on a ocean watching the tide roll all the way until we can see no longer or whether it’s by our hairstyle, the way we dress, the cars we drive, etc. I think that the feelings that we get when we do these things or the little small voice inside of our heads when we go these places is what desires to be felt and heard the most. The things that we tend to keep the closest in our hearts are the very ones that would set us free if someone just heard it.  Growing up a little black child in poverty a lot of times I felt as though we were being brainwashed to believe that our opinion never mattered because our parents had gone through what they have gone through and saw a little results to no results, and our ancestors had survived what they had to in order to survive. But they never were given a choice. And today we’re all just one choice away from a totally different life if we stay with it long enough. But they always did what they had to do instead of being able to freely express themselves in a way that was able to make a real difference in their minds and in their lives. So do I blame the ones who never hear our cry no because no one ever heard theirs. Our parents and ancestors were always taught to make sacrifices to make sure that all our needs were met even if that meant sacrifice and their happiness. And so, many of them were lead to believe that this is the only way. That the ultimate goal was just to make sure that we all survived but never to be heard and be all that God has called us to be. I couldn’t imagine being alive during the time of the civil rights movement’s when they were forced not to say a word or be punished. I have experienced today due to my families cycle not being broken and it is one of the most painful experiences having to reverse and retrain our minds and thoughts after being told it isn’t valuable or ignored or “hushed up”.  They were beating for expressing their opinions. They were killed for learning how to read and write. (Be heard) They were raped by their owners and told to never speak about it. Down to the voting rights, were forced to believe that their viewpoints and their rights just did not matter. The only reason for their existence was just to do their jobs as they were told, listen, and to survive. We were taught we didn’t have a right to an opinion from the very start, and now we’re all here years later, even successful ones and the not so successful ones still crying to be heard. Whether it’s having to fight a silent battle through depression, mental illnesses, abandonment, running away children, social media, books, etc. The only difference between now and then is we’re all just one choice a way from a totally different life. Be heard however you need to just make sure you’re freedom comes after it.


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