Don’t just look a success, be a success.

Being successful can be overwhelming at times. It is very necessary to work at loving yourself through the mistakes. Even the one’s you knew you should’ve known better. Its life… It’s okay to be inexperienced and make mistakes, they help us to grow too ya know. One thing I can’t stand is somebody who came from a little now they have a lot but all they can do is brag on themselves. People have created this image of being successful as always being in the limelight. Without showing the well rounded example of life and what it really means to live it. Real success is being constantly inspired to grow and learn because you know someone is paying more attention to the things you do vs. the things you choose to flaunt and worship other then the most high. I knew exactly what J.Cole meant when he said “Think Being Broke Was Better”. There’s so much beauty in the struggle, you know darkness, you know pain, you know rejection, you know hunger, and most importantly you know God. But soon as you’ve gotten up you quick to put the next down because they not where you at.


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